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Building Bonds in the Local Community

Everyone talks about how important food is for your health. Well, it is.

It’s not always the most important ‘food’ in your life.

Sometimes, it’s relationships. Relationships with your neighbors, with your friends and with your community. So we wanted to give the opportunity for one of the members of our online community the chance to tell us what community means to them. Steve does concrete construction in Fresno, and he’s been there his whole life.

He knows all about community, and here’s what he had to say about the most important ‘food’ in life sometimes”

Hey guys, I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you what community has meant to me throughout my whole life. Growing up on a farm and learning the trade of being a concrete contractor from my dad has taught my the values of hard work and dedication. I think community is everything. Back in my day, you could call on your neighbors for anything you needed. If you had a problem with one of them, you would never call the police, you would always just work it out. Everyone in our neighborhood went to church together, prayed together, socialized together. Now you see with the disintegration of the family and neighborhood and what the car and the phone and the internet and the smart phone has done to our community building skills is just awful. It has torn us apart, not made us better communicators. I long to go back to the time where we can just sit on a porch and chat. But I fear those days are long over and I fear for the challenges the next generation faces.

Thank you Steve for those amazing words and yes, we long for life back on the farm too where all we do is work together and eat organic food grown by the fruit of our very own labor and hands. Maybe that day will come back again, but maybe not? Time will tell but all we can do is hope and pray, and support our local farmers to build strong relationships and economic bonds during the hard times that are to come.

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